Bad House

“Short, but not so sweet, three ghostly stories will send shivers down the spines of even the hardiest of observers. Cleverly directed and originally written, this is an excellent piece of
Fringe Review ★★★★

“[Bad House] manages to create a fun, ghoulishly satisfying and lingering feeling of unease, even beyond the final tale.”
Leeds Student ★★★★

“The writing is absolutely exquisite. At points I found myself tuning out and just listening to the beauty of the sounds – the ebb and flow of it.”
Ideas Tap ★★★★




“Incredibly compelling…keeps you guessing until the very end (and beyond)”
The List 

“The show’s five writers have produced beautiful passages which are well handled by the five performers”
The Scotsman 

“The show is intriguing, well written and ultimately a very interesting well performed piece”
The Public Reviews 


Little Red (a fairy tale)

“This is a beautifully written piece of theatre. A very clever production.”

One4Review ★★★★

“My pick of the Fringe. A deep and thought-provoking piece of adult theatre, dealing with the realities of life, and haunting in its effect. Congratulations to all on an excellent production.”

Jo Richards – ★★★★


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